ELOKON, a leading supplier of safety and automation technology and assistance systems for intralogistics, is a sponsor of the HSS Live Digital Conference which takes place on 6th October. Join us on the day to find out how creating a safer working environment can not only protect people and machinery, but can also result in further benefits in terms of improved efficiency and consequently more profitable operations.

The mix of forklifts, AGVs and pedestrians in busy warehouses or production areas brings with it a number of risks, for personnel, equipment and the infrastructure, and ELOKON’s range of products is designed to minimise these, by preventing accidents and collisions.

ELOKON’s solutions include the proximity detection system ELOshield, an innovative, UWB-based system designed to protect vehicles and personnel through the creation of individually configurable warning and protection zones around forklift trucks. A mobile version – ELOshieldDRIVE – monitors danger zones of up to 25 metres around moving vehicles for vehicle-to-vehicle as well as vehicle-to-person protection and ELOshieldZONE is a fixed-site version which monitors accident-prone areas such as high-traffic aisle intersections.

The self-actuating mobile personnel safety system ELOprotect has been specifically developed as a solution to prevent accidents between employees and material handling equipment in very narrow aisle operation. The variant ELOprotect ACS also allows multiple VNA trucks to work simultaneously in one aisle thanks to its laser-controlled scanner and anti-collision system. The new longer detection range enables truck speeds to be increased for improved productivity whilst ensuring the highest levels of safety.

Find out more about ELOKON’s comprehensive safety portfolio and how each product can be tailored to your requirements by getting in touch with our experts during HSS Live, or browsing the content in ELOKON’s virtual booth.


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