Triathlon Battery Solutions has launched a game-changing new battery developed specifically to deliver optimum performance in demanding applications.

Exceptional power: QUASAR was named after the celestial body known for its high energy output

Designed to outperform traditional lead acid batteries, QUASAR is ideal for multi-shift operations, and will seamlessly facilitate the switch from IC engine to electric.

Announcing its arrival, Tom Burgess, Managing Director of Triathlon Battery Solutions UK explains: “The new QUASAR battery uses innovative Carbon Nanotube Technology (CNT) for fast charging at a price that is significantly lower than its nearest rival.

“Because it is ultra-energy efficient and optimised for opportunity charging, flexibility and productivity QUASAR is the ideal solution for a host of different – and sometimes difficult – applications, including VNA, ground support, distribution/warehousing, cold stores, AGV, heavy duty manufacturing and 24/7 indoor outdoor operations.”

Here’s what makes it unique: High energy density

QUASAR harnesses industry leading technology with thin tubes in the positive plate offering a larger surface area for active material, resulting in higher discharge rates and higher energy density.

This allows greater flexibility of application. For example, it eliminates the risk of a power collapse when used on slopes or in heavy-duty applications.

Longer running times

The use of advanced technology means QUASAR can achieve 25 percent greater run times, helping forklifts last longer on a single charge – which can translate into an additional shift – and reduces the number of battery changes (and batteries) required.

Opportune charging

QUASAR can be charged during coffee and lunch breaks, with no degradation to the battery. It can be fully charged in as little as 4 hours or less from 80 percent Depth of Discharge (DOD). Importantly, QUASAR does not require air to be pumped from the charger – unlike rivals that rely on expensive and potentially problematic air cooling.

Tom concludes: “QUASAR gets its name from a powerful celestial body renowned for its high energy output. With QUASAR, users benefit from faster charging, fewer – or no – battery changes, lower capital investment, and longer cycle life. When it comes to providing the capabilities necessary to support fast-paced operations, it is without equal. In a post diesel world, QUASAR is set to be the ultimate power source.”

For more information about QUASAR visit /or call 0161 669 9180.

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