Improved protection of warehouse and logistics pallet racking is provided with an easy-to-install upright protector – Rack Armour – available from visual communications specialists, Beaverswood.

Part of the new Visusafe range, the highly visible Rack Armour protectors feature an impact resistant, cylindrical outer casing manufactured from ballistics grade plastic, which is wrapped around an energy absorbing patented closed cell foam interior for exceptional protection and safety.

The protectors can clip quickly and easily onto the upright sections of pallet racking to help deflect collisions from wheeled pallet and forklift trucks, reducing impact damage by up to 80%, saving warehouse operators considerable repair and replacement costs.

Product is available in high-visibility Rack Armour yellow or Visusafe yellow and in a choice of four sizes: small (70 – 87mm); medium (88 – 100mm); large (101 – 110mm); and extra-large (111 – 120mm) to accommodate both box section and standard profile racking types, along with racking installations of all sizes.

Rack Armour is manufactured in the UK from 100% recyclable plastic. It is also temperature resistant to -40°C and impervious to moisture, mould growth, corrosion, acid, alkaline and most solvents for long-term high performance. An easy-to-use hand operated tool provides fast and efficient installation of the protectors to the racking uprights.

Resellers can also brand the product with their own logo, website address and contact details for re-ordering, by taking advantage of Beaverswood’s personalised label service.

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