The Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) has boosted its growing reputation in North America with the successful rollout of its LYDIA Voice technology to 92 CONA locations, with more to follow. CONA is the IT services company for the Coca-Cola bottling business in North America, with over 160,000 sales orders and 30,000 average users per day. Its implementation and rapid rollout of LYDIA Voice provides an outstanding testimonial for EPG, the German-based global supply chain software and voice picking innovator.

“LYDIA Voice is the best thing, we have ever rolled out to the warehouse,” enthused one very satisfied daily user of the software. “Where has this been the last five years?”

This vocal first-hand experience is backed up the facts. According to CONA, LYDIA™ Voice has delivered productivity gains of up to 7% over their older Voice solution. As well as driving up productivity, Lydia™ also provides clearer voice recognition, the elimination of voice template training, and a more coordinated system architecture compared to the previous voice system.

“The implementation of LYDIA at CONA North America has an enormously important significance for us,” declares Marco Ehrhardt, President of EPG, delighted with the efficiency and speed of the transition. “The rollout to the 92 locations was completed within only 12 months.”

Consistency and Clarity

CONA identified a need to consider new voice solutions in 2019 as its previous system was prone to weak or dropped connections. CONA needed a solution, that would permit continuous picking, independent of a network connection, should the RF signal be weak or lost.

“Our previous voice system had a complex architecture and required the software to be hosted and run on individual servers at each deployment site,” adds Baron Jordan, CONA Chief Product Officer, Supply Chain. “There were also inconsistent voice recognition issues.”

After an intensive eight-month investigation by CONA and a real-world test versus another provider, LYDIA Voice emerged as the clear winner.

LYDIA Voice straightaway solved the architecture and support challenges across the 92 bottling sites, because it integrates directly with SAP via a remote function call (RFC) without middleware.

The solution also promises matchless voice recognition, enabled by its deep neural network voice recognition. Training needs are swept away altogether due to its immediate ease of use and versatility. LYDIA recognizes more than 50 languages and a multitude of dialects.

Crucially, the customer is in control, able to create and adapt their own voice dialogues without reference to EPG support teams.

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