Material handling specialist, Demag, has added new components to its universal KBK crane construction kit, allowing users to create even more versatile lifting systems with higher load capacities, improved use of the available space and reduced installation work.

Demag has introduced new components to its KBK light crane system, which provide higher load capacities, improved use of space and reduced installation time.

The Demag KBK modular light crane system is a proven construction kit, designed to create bespoke solutions for lifting, moving and handling operations. KBK may be configured to meet the needs of specific working processes, the loads to be transported and the operational environment. The ergonomic system is suitable for standalone workstations, as well as integrated production and assembly lines with loads weighing from 80 kg to 3.2 t.

Single-girder cranes for up to 2,000 kg

New components include stronger suspensions and improved trolleys, which can be used for KBK single-girder cranes with load capacities of up to 2,000 kg. The single-girder, space saving design offers the benefits of lighter and more compact crane configurations, due to the new improved trolley which can hold greater loads, resulting in a single trolley configuration.

Reduced approach dimensions may be achieved with single-girder cranes from the KBK Aluline range, using the KBK A22 single-girder, which is now available with a load capacity of 2,000 kg. Since the KBK light crane system allows several cranes to travel on the same crane runway, double crane trolleys will still be used to prevent collisions, but a more compact design can be implemented for the cross-travel unit: The single trolley configuration permits reduced hook dimensions and, therefore, improved use of space.

Larger distances between suspensions – greater flexibility

Another new feature in the KBK Aluline range is a suspension with a higher load capacity of up to 2,400 kg for the largest A22 crane runway rail section, allowing distances between suspensions to be increased from 1.84m up to 3.57m. This facilitates greater system design flexibility, less installation work and a significant reduction in componentry and assembly costs.

Double-girder KBK cranes with a raised bridge and an internal conductor line for electrically powered long-travel motions may be specified for applications with limited headroom and a larger lifting path.

Simple installation of travel path limits

A further new feature allows a travel path limit to be installed in any position, allowing operators to limit the travel motions quickly and easily. If required, this enables the crane and trolley travel motions to be limited for safer operation of the lifting system.



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