The modern order picking system needs to be automated to meet demand for quick delivery. Digitalisation and optimised processes result in efficiency and transparency. Logistics providers need to respond to an unpredictable future and fluctuating demand. They have to provide the highest customer service while remaining cost effective. And they have to meet these challenges while facing personnel shortages.

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Well done to Vanderlande which, as part of its next generation of scalable solutions, offers AIRPICK, seamlessly integrating innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. This solution combines efficient picking with flawless automated sortation to individual orders in Vanderlande’s pocket sorter, AIRTRAX Pocket. AIRPICK can sort an extremely wide range of products at a low investment level.

Broadwater Mouldings Ltd developed and manufactured the Safeglide spiral chutes, originally designed in Britain by the Post Office in the 1980s. The original Safeglide design still remains the most effective and reliable spiral, gravity-driven materials handling system available. It has a proven track record of reliable performance for over 35 years and today Safeglide chute systems, still manufactured by Broadwater Mouldings Ltd, are successfully operating globally for a wide variety of businesses.

Congratulations to Moffett Automated Storage, which is driving innovation in data-driven logistics with the world’s first-ever AS/R Taxi, going live with 5 international projects this year. Capable of 4-directional movement and with total built-in redundancy, the Moffett AS/R Taxi uses the firm’s in-house feats in software and mechanical engineering to create scalable, optimised and fully integrated solutions for any storage operation; ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to automotive and cold storage. With a number of projects in the pipeline, the Taxi will be transforming logistics operations on a global scale at 5 key locations; ranging from a Netherlands-based international bakery business to the world’s first fully automated AS/R banana ripening project.

MCR Safety Europe’s gloves are used extensively in warehousing and logistics where research has enabled us to understand the challenges faced by the Order Picking Operation. Its four work-gloves – the Contour Avenger, which it describes as the ‘second skin glove’; the dexterous and robust GP1002PU; the GP1002PV with PVC dot grip; and the WL1048HP1 with thermal insulation – have been championed by clients within the industry and identified as essential PPE within their warehouse and logistic operations. Each offers unique protective properties to increase confidence and efficiency for the end-user. Each offers unique protective properties to increase confidence and efficiency for the end-user.

New innovations include alternative drive technology, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Order picking needs to adapt to this new reality. By continually modifying, order picking companies will prosper in the years ahead

George Simpson

Features Editor

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