Renovotec, the UK’s leading independent rugged hardware, software and consulting services provider, is running a ‘try before you buy’ scheme for the ProGlove family of wearable barcode scanners. Under the scheme, manufacturing and logistics users can trial a ProGlove MARK wearable scanner for three months before buying, renting or returning it to help improve productivity for their teams.

Worn on the back of a hand, hands-free, ProGlove scanners are the size of a matchbox. They are also the world’s smallest and lightest scanners, and save workers a weight lift of up to 1.5 metric tons per shift and worker. ProGlove devices can also cut scanning time by up to four seconds and reduce picking errors by up to 33%.

In addition to this, ProGlove’s scanners offer worker feedback capabilities; which provide logistics teams with essential steering functionality. These combined optic, acoustic and haptic alerts tell workers immediately whether they have picked the right item, ensuring process reliability.

Richard Gilliard, managing director, Renovotec says, “ProGlove uses new, innovative technology to increase productivity for teams during manufacturing and logistics scenarios. We’re confident in the scanner’s ability to improve operational efficiency and encourage users to try it for themselves. The scanners are quick and easy to install and teams can be up and running within a couple of hours.”

Globally recognised, globally proven

ProGlove’s approach has been widely recognised by global organisations too. This leader in ergonomic wearables for industry has been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner. Its report about the firm says, “technology and service providers selling into the manufacturing market often identify gaps in their portfolio that they cannot fill due to lack of skills and resources. These Cool Vendors may be of interest for providers to create more complete solutions for their customers.” This is part of the reason why organisations like Volkswagen, DHL, DPD and Kuka work with ProGlove to support their teams.

But ProGlove’s global recognition goes beyond that and includes an acknowledgement as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. “It’s great to be recognised as a pioneer by the World Economic Forum,” said ProGlove CEO Andreas Koenig. “It is a confirmation not just of our technology vision, but our commitment to human-centred design and the digital connection between people and processes. We look forward to contributing to the Forum dialogues, on the challenges both local and global, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and unanticipated disruptions caused by the likes of the COVID-19 pandemic – transforms supply chains everywhere.”

ProGlove Connect improves health and safety

As a maker of hardware for data capture and software for analytics, it was natural for ProGlove to add new proximity sensing capabilities to its solution set in the wake of COVID-19. The ProGlove Connect app for Android pairs with the MARK wearable barcode scanners to bring proximity reminders right to the hands of workers. The app is already in use on ProGlove’s own production line and is offered at no cost to existing ProGlove customers equipped with Android devices in their operations. A benefit here is that it can help ensure social distancing measures are adhered to for health and safety reasons.

Industrial analytics improves workflow and processes

ProGlove Insight is the latest addition to the company’s product portfolio. This industrial analytics solution improves workflows and processes by leveraging scanners’ device data and time motion studies. The platform draws on the MARK barcode scanners’ unique capability to not only capture barcode data; but also seize meta data and information collected via the numerous sensors the devices feature. This data contextualises barcode symbologies, device configurations, time stamps, temperature readings, battery health and much more to allow for actionable insights.

Using ProGlove Insight enables organisations to eliminate the restrictions of workstation silos too; because it collects data directly from the shop floor, processes and shares it from the ‘bottom-up’ towards the management level. Ultimately, this provides organisations a powerful overview of a business’s entire warehouse processes; and thus supports data driven decision making.

More on Renovotec

Renovotec is the UK’s fastest growing provider of rugged hardware, software and services. The company’s approach to rugged hardware purchase and rental is customer-driven and manufacturer-independent. Renovotec’s rugged-hardware-as-a-service (r-HaaS) combines ongoing user support with zero capital outlay, allowing companies to scale their hardware flexibly, and with confidence.

Renovotec is an expert in field mobility service technology running on rugged mobile devices, and is the UK’s leading exponent of automatic data capture (AIDC) on rugged and mobile hardware using voice, scanning and RFID technology.

For more information visit or contact the Renovotec team on +44 (0) 1924 600 480 /


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