Don-Bur has just won another order for 45 tri-axle Lifting Deck trailers for Royal Mail. The newly built trailer design provides a 30% increase in cage capacity in comparison to the previous ¾ length Lifting Deck step-frame designs and a 7% fuel saving. The result can eliminate 1 in every 3 trips and each trailer cuts CO2 output by 7.8 tonnes per year.

Don-Bur has had a long relationship with the Royal Mail dating back almost 2 decades. They also developed the first Royal Mail Lifting Deck prototype back in 2006 and their own lightweight, straight frame variant of the same in 2013. Last year, the relationship reached a new level with the manufacture of 60 new “Blade” panelled Lifting Deck trailers.

Don-Bur “Blade” is a thin, steel faced, composite panel that lowers unladen weight and is extremely resistant to damage; reducing maintenance and extending the lifespan of the trailer.

Perhaps the most innovative solution designed for Royal Mail was the lifting roof design conceived and built in 2020.

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