With modern warehouse design looking to expand upwards, the need for fall and spill protection is greater than ever. From typical mezzanine edges to exposed drops in conveyor and automated warehouse operations, the danger is present in most workplaces. Falls and injury from objects above are one of the most common workplace accidents, and If employees are working at a height greater than a meter, then you may be required to provide some form of fall protection. If a fall or product spill accident should occur it could be fatal, and people’s safety always needs to be the main concern and top priority.

Axelent’s new X-Rail edge protection system is an all-in-one solution aimed at solving this problem with a single product for the very first time. It combines Axelent’s popular modular panel guarding system X-Guard, with a fully certified handrail, knee, and kick plate offering. X-Rail Integrates wire mesh, solid steel, and polycarbonate panels solving employee falls, overhead spills, and theft risks in one simple modular solution. X-Rail can be installed either directly onto concrete floor or bolted to steel mezzanine I-beams of a mezzanine structure. This is possible with a new profile post designed specially for use flush to the edge of drops, but still using the Axelent keyhole quick release captive fixings. X-Rail has been fully tested and certified to fall protection standards applicable in the UK, EU, USA and AUS markets. This includes DIN EN ISO 14122-3:2016 and BS 6180:2011 ensuring that the system is fully compliant in all areas it will be installed. This saves both time and money with a single product that meets your total requirements, and most importantly provides a complete safety solution. By installing a correct and certified system from the very beginning, you are not only protecting your employees, but you are also saving money by preventing accidents and downtime of damaged machinery or loss of goods. X-Rail is in stock and available in two different heights, and thirteen different lengths in both with and without panel configurations. Unique colour choice options are also available if required.  It also fully integrates with X-Guard to create seamless runs of fencing with doors and locks for additional guarding and partitioning purposes. This gives a clean and uniformed finish to your warehouse design, and with all the flexibility of Axelent’s modular parts for repairs and additions. Visit www.axelent.co.uk or contact Axelent directly on +44 1793 523535 for more information.

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