As part of the ongoing development of Sidetracker and its equipment, Sidetracker are now incorporating A/C motors, together with Zapi controls to give the extra refinement the Sidetracker trucks deserve, whilst preserving their famed reliability and strength. The trucks will retain the infinitely variable hydraulic controls giving the very fine control currently enjoyed by operators. Using the latest Zapi digital motor control technology we can offer diagnostics and fault data logging on the dashboard. On-demand digital AC power steering, together with motor temperature diagnostics on the dashboard. This development will also enhance the Sidetrackers ability to traverse slopes inside and out whilst increasing top speeds.

Sidetrackers free up the wasted floor space needed by counterbalance and reach trucks by compressing the aisle needed to handle long lengths of stock as well as storing pallets efficiently. Sidetracker have been manufacturing materials handling equipment since 1963, with customers in many fields of operation. They all share at least one important aim: the need to maximize efficiency within their warehousing operation by increasing throughput and making the most of all the space that is available. Sidetracker achieves all these benefits by manufacturing each and every machine to the exact dimensions required, in order to give the greatest efficiency possible in every application.  By specifying from the wide range of products manufactured by Sidetracker Engineering including, multi-directional sideloaders and reach trucks, powered platforms, high capacity reach trucks, two-man up order pickers and pallet levellers, highly efficient storage will result .’’

For further details please contact Bruce Eastman on 01246 810655

Sidetracker Engineering Ltd

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