Welcome to the March 1st issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. Our cover story reports how wooden packaging, including pallets, must now meet ISPM15 standards when being shipped within the EU. According to Exporta, the best alternative to wooden pallets is plastic pallets, which completely avoid the ISPM15 regulations and are more hygienic and reliable.


It’s refreshing to hear that Irish supply chain solution company TBM Solution has experienced a huge expansion due to the massive growth in online shopping since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dublin based logistics expert has always viewed Brexit as an opportunity. Anticipating the increased costs in administration, duties, taxes and other complexities brought on by Brexit, TBM took the pre-emptive step of acquiring a warehouse facility in Bedford, UK.

Interesting to hear of a recent report looking at the state of automation in UK warehousing published by OW Robotics, supplier of flexible automated warehouse solutions. The report has identified retail and 3PL as the two sectors that could see strong potential gains from the robot revolution – in both the short and long-term. The UK Warehouse Robotics Readiness Report pulls together research and insights from across the UK’s warehousing sector, analysing the current state of robotics, the barriers and challenges to implementation and examples of those businesses already setting the pace in warehouse robotics.

Thought-provoking news from supply chain technology consultant Renovotec, which is introducing a ‘Life after Brexit’ warehouse consulting service that reveals the ways in which technology can be used to replace people in warehousing and distribution, enabling staff reductions of up to 30% according to Renovotec. The introduction of its new service follows an exodus of over 250,000 EU citizens from the UK after Brexit, many of whom would have worked in supply chain had they remained. According to Renovotec warehouse service levels can be maintained or increased with up to 30% fewer staff.

Businesses need to ensure their pallet provider has enough ISPM15 compliant pallets available. Covid-19 is still likely to be with us for the coming months and its impact on the supply chain will cause supply and demand challenges. Warehouse operators need to be working with pallet partners who understand and support their business, says our pallets and containers feature.

Net zero will be high on the agenda as the UK forges new partnerships across the globe, our cold storage and distribution feature reports. Cutting the cold chain’s environmental footprint will soon be critical to meeting increasingly stringent regulation, as well as saving on rising energy costs and maintaining crucial commercial advantage.

No matter how much click and collect eats into traditional deliveries, the case for increased warehouse storage remains strong. Whichever way shoppers choose to receive their goods, the fact remains that they will need warehouse storage, whether it be urban or traditional, according to our buildings and facilities feature.

Enjoy reading the issue.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor


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