A pair of Union Industries’ Bulldoors installed at pharmaceutical company Pharmaron UK 21-years-ago are living up to their reputation as the ‘doors that last a lifetime’.

Mike Waters, Technical Sales Engineer for Union Industries, (left) and Steve Cannon, Contract Services Leader at Pharmaron UK Ltd (right).

Leeds-based Union Industries manufactured, supplied, and installed the doors before the millennium at the 473,000 ft2 facility, which handles fully integrated, end-to-end, high quality services in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), the chemicals which form the active ingredients in medication, drug product development and manufacturing.

The pair of Bulldoors have proved their robustness and reliability by completing 21 years’ service. Union Industries labels the Bulldoor the ‘reliable workhorse’ of rapid roll doors and the door that ‘just keeps going and going’.

The reliability of the rapid action roller doors has also highlighted how their robust design and manufacture also delivers exceptionally low maintenance costs. Throughout their lifespan repairs and maintenance of the two doors equates to less than £5 per month.

Pharmaron UK’s Hertfordshire facility is a highly active site acting as the hub of the global business’ integrated drug discovery collaborations, which develops and pilots drug production and process chemistry as part of its global research and development operation, helping to discover new drugs to bring them to market.

Steve Cannon, Contract Services Leader at Pharmaron UK Ltd said: “We have been impressed with the quality and robustness of the Bulldoors. Operating in a cutting-edge pharmaceutical business means that we can’t afford down-time at the facility, and we are pleased these doors have proved to be great value.

“All credit to Union Industries on the quality of the product, which keeps the ongoing maintenance requirements to a minimum, with negligible costs over the lifespan of the doors. Given their performance to date, we are expecting many more years’ service from the doors!”

Mike Waters, Technical Sales Engineer for Union Industries, said: “The installation of these Bulldoors at Pharmeron UK may have been 21 years ago, but the superior quality components and robust design means that they are still in great working order and have been subject to little maintenance over the years.

“In fact, looking at a breakdown of our maintenance and minor repair bills for both doors, it equates to a cost of around £4.50 per month, per door. This is an excellent example of just how cost effective our products are in the long term. I very much doubt we can be beaten when it comes to throughlife-costs when compared to alternative doors on the market”

“The Bulldoor is one of our best-selling doors and has been developed by our own R&D team over the years to become the reliable workhorse that it is today. Even way back then, it was the perfect choice for Pharmaron UK Ltd and will continue to provide the required protection. Some of these doors do in excess of 1.4 million cycles each year, so we are confident that these Bulldoors will be in place for quite some time to come.”

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