2021 will usher in a new era of automated and scalable warehousing. Moffett Automated Storage is driving innovation in data-driven logistics with the world’s first-ever AS/R Taxi, going live with 5 international projects this year.

Warehousing operations must increase their organisational agility in a way that is both sustainable and supportive of fast-moving supply chains. Few understand these challenges better than Sam Moffett, Managing Director at Moffett Automated Storage.

Sam has witnessed the challenges of modern logistics first-hand, with the Moffett name recalling 7 decades of engineering excellence as founding partners in Combilift and acclaimed developers of the Moffett Mounty. “Nowadays, warehousing needs more than increased pallet space – although that is, of course, important. More than that, it needs an innovative, automated solution to make supply chains more resilient,” he says.

Need scalability? Call a Taxi

Indeed, that’s just what the Co. Monaghan-based firm is pioneering with the world’s first ‘AS/R Taxi’: a smart storage system that breaks all the limitations of traditional machines. Capable of 4-directional movement and with total built-in redundancy, the Moffett AS/R Taxi uses the firm’s in-house feats in software & mechanical engineering to create scalable, optimised and fully integrated solutions for any storage operation; ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to automotive and cold storage.

With a number of projects in the pipeline, the Taxi will be transforming logistics operations on a global scale at 5 key locations; ranging from a Netherlands-based international bakery business to the world’s first fully automated AS/R banana ripening project. “Our approach is flexible and dynamic; with our built-in, remote technical support allowing us to monitor live ops from our own headquarters,” says Sam. “The scope of our customers’ requirements is highly complex, and we’re showing exactly what the Moffett AS/R Taxi can do in key business locations from Dublin to Dubai.”

Next-gen storage redefined

Each of the firm’s 5 live projects in 2021 are a demonstration of the AS/R Taxi’s remarkable capabilities. Adam Montgomery, Sales Manager points to a project with an international bakery business in Meppel, the Netherlands; adding 13,200 pallet spaces to their 16.5-metre, -25C cold storage warehouse.

Supported by 15 Taxis, 3 VTU’s and operating at a constant temperature of -25C with reduced oxygen levels, the bread producer will be moving 150 pallets per hour with a 24/7 working period. Adam notes that the customer chose Moffett due to its capacity to work within extreme environments, as well as its internal staging, guaranteed throughput and guaranteed product availability – benefits that were impossible with traditional solutions, including cranes.

Beyond its Dutch debut, the Moffett AS/R Taxi is making history by driving the world’s first AS/R banana ripening project for a world-leading producer of fair-trade bananas, based at a new warehousing facility in London’s docklands. Featuring pre-emptive staging and entirely automated by Moffett’s system, the operation will hold unripened bananas at 17 degrees in an air-sealed environment; lowering temperature levels and dispersing gas to ripen the bananas.

The future of storage automation

“With this project and others, we’ve shown what is possible without human intervention, and this was a key driver in the customer choosing our Taxi system,” notes Adam. “However, another key driver was in how our system could fully integrate with the customer’s ERP system – saving big costs on warehouse management tools – as well as our automated temperature monitoring and bespoke conveyor design.”

For many businesses working with the firm, it is the bespoke and totally flexible nature of the system which forms the key decision maker. Moffett points to a made-to-size system for each and every customer, highlighting a major project with a decorating supply company based in Biggleswade, England. Whilst the customer required auto-replenishment, an internal tunnel and 56 picking stations, the system’s ability to be retro-fitted to an existing warehouse was essential.

The success of the AS/R Taxi around the world suggests that the true advent of automated storage is on the horizon, according to Moffett. “We’re bringing the definition of automated storage and retrieval to exciting new places. 2021 is a signal of more growth to come – and growth will also be enjoyed by our customers across the world map. If you want a plan for the next 5 years, you need to start now. As we say, if you need scalability, call a Taxi!”

Moffett Automated Storage

The Moffett AS/R Taxi is facilitating safe, efficient and sustainable logistics operations at key storage facilities around the world. Get in touch with Moffett to discuss your free consultation and warehouse layout. Let’s get started.

w: www.moffettautomatedstorage.com

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