Welcome to the February 1st issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated existing trends, including e-commerce, automation and supply chain optimisation. The ability to address opportunities such as “buy online pick-up in-store” (BOPIS), ship from store and micro-fulfilment has been enabled by advancements in technology including the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and dynamic intelligent planning. While the pandemic has strained operations across various industries, it has also been a catalyst to accelerate key technology developments that can help companies succeed in 2021 and beyond.


Our cover story reports how new solutions have had to be implemented quickly by the warehousing and logistics sector during lockdown as a response to massive spikes in demand, high customer expectations, social distancing restrictions and self-isolating staff. Effective picking solutions such as the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) system offered by Locus Robotics have helped businesses double their productivity without doubling their workforce. Data from the LocusBot programme can upgrade efficiency by improving pick accuracy and minimising costly and time-consuming errors.

Exciting news from Renovotec, which is introducing the Honeywell ThermoRebellion rapid-alert warehouse staff temperature screening system, that delivers a fast return on investment as it increases warehouse productivity by up to 40%, detecting potential diseases amongst large numbers of warehouse workers early and reducing rates of transmission. When positioned at the entrance to a larger warehouse or distribution centre the non-contact, AI-driven thermal imaging system detects above-normal temperatures within two seconds, providing a quick, early and accurate health alert for all potential temperature-related illnesses among incoming shift workers.

Our fork lift trucks feature reports that training staff to use a fork lift is not a one-size fits all solution; each individual and each company has different needs. The first question to ask is do you want the teaching to happen at your place of work or at a dedicated centre? There are two options for using your workplace: coaching a member of staff to provide in-house instruction; or hiring a commercial training provider to provide on-premises tuition.

In our packaging feature, Storopack has launched a new air pillow film that is produced from 100 percent recycled material. AIRplus 100% Recycled offers the same outstanding and resistant protective properties as conventional air pillows. This solution is thus ideal for companies that value high-quality protective packaging to keep their own products safe as well as sustainability. AIRplus 100% Recycled is recyclable and should be added to the recycling loop after use.

Our warehouse flooring feature says the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a surge in online shopping. A rise in e-commerce orders, and the subsequent returns business, has increased demand for fulfilment which means greater demand for mezzanine floor solutions.

Enjoy reading the issue.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor

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