For Kent-based just-in-time haulier, Alcaline, every delivery is time critical and every minute counts. Its fleet of 200 vehicles and two helicopters need to run like clockwork with minimal downtime. To that end, Alcaline are one of the first operators in the UK to take delivery of the new IVECO S-WAY.

The trucks, supplied by Haynes Trucks in Maidstone have been wrapped in a distinctive, updated version of Alcaline’s livery, one black, the other silver. Otherwise identical, both are low-deck AS440S51T/FP 4x2s running on all-round air suspension.

Alcaline don’t often run to maximum weight capacity for their 4x2s, instead ‘cubing out’ their trailers through sheer volume. Running in Europe means they’re governed by a maximum 4-metre overall vehicle height and have therefore ordered low-ride tractors compatible with its fleet of ‘Mega’ trailers. These trailers have a lower, thinner floor allowing operators to maximise their loading height with a 3m load bay. As a result, the trucks sit closer than normal to the ground with a very low fifth wheel.

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