TruFrame is a well-recognised trade supplier, manufacturer and fabricator of uPVC windows & doors based in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. The company is a longstanding customer of Aganto temporary buildings, having utilised several of the aluminium-framed structures over the last 10 years. Their most recent temporary building project solved an access issue that enabled essential gas maintenance work to go ahead without delay.

With the mains gas line running through the industrial estate and to the side of the TruFrame premises, the only viable access point was from the roadside, across the TruFrame site. Part of the project involved the removal of an old steel portal-framed building that was blocking the access. This would cause displacement of stock stored inside, so a new storage solution needed to be set up. While rapid project turnaround was important, costs and operational disruption also needed to be kept to a minimum.

TruFrame Facility Manager John Cox contacted Aganto for short-term hire of a new aluminium framed temporary goods in/out building, to be erected on another part of the site. To keep the stock dry and undamaged, it had to be transferred before demolition work on the old steel building began, so coordination and a reliable, quick turnaround was key. The new 15m x15m x 5.2m temporary warehouse, complete with thermo panels and roller shutter doors, was anchored to the existing tarmac surface and fully installed by Aganto’s in-house site team in just three days – and only a week from the point of order. John was particularly impressed by the Aganto site engineers, commenting “The installation team were fantastic.” When the work on the gas line is complete in a few months, TruFrame will be able to off hire, relocate or extend the building to suit the needs of the business.

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