There is very little storage on a forklift and even less on a hand pallet truck to store essential tools such as shrink wrap, pens, scanners etc. Addgards have developed a simple attachment that will hold everything you need when working with a forklift and hand pallet trucks.


  • Easy ‘Click and release’ to remove and replace shrink wrap rolls (suitable for Extended core shrink wrap rolls)
  • Can also be used to hold and store stationary; phones, Scanners, pens tools, A4 clipboard etc
  • Easy to Fit: High Tack Self Adhesive Tape to stick to Forklift. Optional screws available for a more permanent fixing
  • Creates a safer workplace; often shrink wrap, tape and other accessories are left behind on driver seats or on the vehicle floor or dashboards. The caddy provides a safe storage place to keep tools and accessories.
  • Durable and flexible. Designed to be robust yet also flexible to withstand busy work environments.

For hand pallet trucks, Addgards have  also developed a smaller version of the Wrap Holder. Designed to fit on the shaft of all makes of hand pallet trucks, providing the perfect place to store your shrink wrap

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