Order picking is one of the most important operations in the warehouse. Numerous picking systems are on the market, which suit the different goods that need to be picked or the turnover of the business. An order picking system needs to be efficient, accurate and preferably paperless, to suit the modern warehouse.

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The future may see most grocery shopping done online, with customers served from remote fulfilment centres. However, research shows that up to 20% of the average household’s grocery bill comes from items that were purchased on impulse, with impulse purchases far more likely to happen in-store than online. TGW suggests separating the grocery items that can be picked by robots and the ones that consumers like to browse and choose. The OmniStore is a combination of online shopping and in-store browsing, powered by automation. It is a hybrid retail location with a convenience store where customers can pick fresh produce and items that tend to attract impulse buying while the rest of their cart is being picked in a backroom by robots. The groceries gathered via automation are married with the consumer’s in-store purchases at checkout to be taken home or delivered.

AR Racking has created the basis for optimal intralogistic processes in the new logistics centre of the Seifert Logistics Group. The rack system designed by AR Racking offers more than 6,000 pallet spaces. With six support levels, the system in the new logistics hall rises ten meters high. All support levels are equipped with wire mesh floors. Special feature: With a flow rack for small parts storage, an intelligent storage and order-picking solution with 8,600 container spaces was integrated on 41 double bays of the lower rack levels.

KNAPP offers technologies such as KiSoft RF, KiSoft Voice Picking, KiSoft Pick-to-Light and Vision Manual Picking to provide support in manual picking areas. Tried and tested central belt technology with a range of different autopickers means that picking is automatic.

Third-party-logistics provider Resurge required a warehouse management system with the flexibility and scalability to adapt and grow for its 118,000 sq ft headquarters in New Jersey and a new West Coast DTC centre in Nevada. Resurge was due to go live on the East Coast with most of the US under a stay at home advisory during the COVID-19 pandemic, so the WMS provider had to be able to overcome unprecedented logistical challenges caused by travel restrictions and available labour. SnapFulfil was able to offer fully remote implementation and support including regular online training meetings to ensure the Resurge team was able to access and test the solution.

It is uplifting to witness the order picking firms delivering the optimal systems that cater for today’s warehouse operators.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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