ECOBAT Logistics, formerly G&P Batteries, is recognised as the market leading collection and processing company for waste batteries in the U.K. and indeed across the whole of Europe. Part of the wider ECOBAT Group, ECOBAT Logistics offer a premium service which involves the collection of end of life industrial batteries for transporting, storage, processing and recycling.

The ECOBAT Logistics team’s primary focus is the impact their business has on the environment and the health of its employees and customers. Strict measures are put in place to ensure these are maintained at the very highest levels. As a result of these measures ECOBAT Logistics celebrated a full year without any of their employees having to take any time off work due to injury.

The U.K. and European collection, processing and recycling activities cover all the different types of batteries and battery chemistries, including Industrial batteries. One Call Collection, or OCC, is their service that covers the U.K. and Europe. For customers, OCC ensures a comprehensive, optimised collection, logistical processing and recycling service that is fully compliant across all sectors and territories. Not only is OCC a fully compliant and environmentally responsible initiative, it ensure that customers can access its services seamlessly by means of an internet based portal.

Via the OCC Customer Portal, collections can be initiated by businesses and the complete process is transparent. Order monitoring, direct access to documentation, contract management and remuneration details can all be accessed quickly. Via the portal, customers are also able to order many different types of storage and collection containers to suit their business needs, chemistry requirements and waste battery volumes.

The majority of Industrial batteries collected today from Warehouses and Industrial businesses are still lead acid. The closed loop, operated by the wider ECOBAT group of companies, fully recycle lead acid batteries, and up to 96% of the recovered components are reused in the manufacture of new batteries amongst many other products. The ECOBAT Group is one of the largest lead manufacturers in the world, and the majority of the lead produced is recycled from end of life lead acid batteries. This lead is then supplied to battery manufacturers and the closed cycle or loop begins again.

More and more, different technologies and chemistries are being used to manufacture Industrial batteries offering different capabilities and features. Lithium batteries are one such chemistry which can have substantial benefits in certain areas of use. However, they must be treated very differently to lead acid batteries whilst in use and certainly at end of life.

ECOBAT Logistics offers a Lithium Collection Service for waste lithium batteries, which can in many cases be dismantled and re-purposed for secondary use. This service includes the safe collection, transportation, processing and recycling of lithium batteries, as well as advice on compliance and storage for customers that store end of life lithium batteries pre collection. Lithium batteries are more volatile than lead acid batteries and because of this multi sized, specialist containers will be provided to ensure safe storage, handling and transportation. Compliance is paramount and we ensure our customers are always operating within the law.

ECOBAT offer a full consultation and compliance advice service, covering permits required, and storage and transportation best practise / protocol. Wherever possible we ensure lithium cells are reused, thus keeping any waste to an absolute minimum which conforms to our environmentally friendly aspirations.

For further information on the above, or to discuss your waste battery requirements please contact us.

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