Warehouse operators may be concerned at the present time that their lifting equipment may be due an examination, subject to statutory inspection time limits. Legislation such as the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, enforced by the Health and Safety Executive, require time-bound statutory inspections. Operators of lifting equipment are legally obliged to maintain their equipment, carrying out thorough examinations, written schemes and statutory inspections. These legal obligations can be viewed in a positive way as they help avoid the potentially huge dangers that would result from the failure of equipment. Neglecting to comply with the law could mean a greatly increased risk of injury to workers and the public.

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Powered access platform specialist, Horizon Platforms, is investing in new staff and equipment thanks to a government funding boost. Horizon have won a funding loan through the Regional Growth Fund (RGF), with help from Lloyds Bank under the government-backed Funding for Lending Scheme. The grant will enable Horizon to take on an additional 10 members of staff to their current 79 employees. Horizon will invest in an additional 75 new access platforms, with further growth coming from the re-investment of the business’ own profits.

Colett & Sons has increased its heavy lift capacity with the addition of the Enerpac JS-125 incremental lifting system. This multi-point lifting system features a 125 Tonne capacity per tower, synchronously lifting loads by utilising the sliding and stacking barrels to form the lifting towers. Featuring self-contained hydraulics in each jack-up unit, the JS-125 is ideal for more restricted environments where operating space is at a premium. By stacking the lifting barrels together to mechanically hold the load, each unit’s lifting and lowering operations occur simultaneously maintaining the balance of the load.

Konecranes has unveiled a new lift robot for its Agilon automated materials management system that will significantly enhance customers’ warehouse efficiency and open new opportunities for the company at larger storage premises. The Agilon robot’s ability to move diagonally as well as horizontally and vertically offers greater versatility versus previous models, and it is equipped with Konecranes’ latest software. This means accelerated transfers of items at customer sites, a more comprehensive reach in terms of warehouse size and greater efficiency and insight for customers.

Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) supplied two 50t capacity JD Neuhaus (JDN) air hoists and other rigging gear to the CVB joint venture, which used it to lower a tunnel boring machine at the Tideway project in London. The air hoists were used to balance loads beneath the hook of a Liebherr LTM 1350 mobile crane at Greenwich Pumping Station, where the boring machine was lowered down a shaft in parts before reassembly underground. The crane was positioned on a bespoke skidding system to allow longitudinal travel over the shaft. The hoists’ heights of lift were adjusted according to the various size and weights of load.

It’s great to see lifting specialists so active despite all the present challenges, while adhering to the highest safety standards.

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