Horizon Platforms are excited to announce the launch of the Platform Finder. This new piece of online software is designed to make selection of mobile extending work platforms quicker and easier than ever before. With the Platform Finder now up and running on the Horizon website, people requiring scissor lifts and cherry pickers will be able to use it to diagnose exactly which platform will be the best fit for their project.

Completely web-based and available on both desktop and mobile, the Platform Finder takes users step-by-step through the selection process, helping them find the ideal machine. Users are asked a series of simple questions about their project, which the Platform Finder uses to identify exactly the right platform solution. These different questions provide vital insight and establish the parameters of the requirement, such as:

•Is a scissor or cherry picker most suitable?

•What height do I need to work at?

•What weight does the platform need to lift for the job?

•Will the platform need to work indoors or outdoors?

•Will the ground by used on uneven ground?

•What is the gradeability of any slopes the platform will be required to navigate?

Marco Maccio, Digital Director at Horizon Platforms said “One of the challenges our customers face time and again is choosing the right machine for the job at hand. With so many platforms to choose from, we’ve created the Platform Finder to simplify the process and make selection as easy as possible.”

While Horizon Platforms continue to offer site surveys and support over the phone, the Platform Finder is a significant addition to its online customer experience. This comes hot on the heels of online quoting, another recent addition. Users are also now able to receive an immediate online quote for the platform they selected using the Platform Finder. Maccio elaborates, “Once customers have used the Platform Finder to identify their platform of choice, they can choose to receive a quote for the hire right there and then. We want to make life simpler for customers, and this is another good example of that.”

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