Keep a safe distance, observe hygiene rules: Modern Work Expert DURABLE releases new range of removable safety marking // Removable products for temporary use // Great sales potential for the trade in COVID 19 times

Hairdressers, gyms, offices, restaurants, schools – currently all businesses have to meet distance and hygiene requirements.

Modern Work expert DURABLE has therefore expanded its existing range to include removable labelling solutions that are suitable for temporary use, because when the markings are no longer needed, or need to be moved to another location, they can be without leaving any residue.

They can be used on textile materials, for example on chairs, as well as on smooth surfaces such as tables and floors.

DURABLE’s new range includes tapes, warning signs and shapes such as feet, arrows and crosses.


DURABLE’s round warning signs are clearly visible even from a distance. With a diameter of 430 mm they are larger than A3. The symbols are universally recognisable and provide clear instruction to use a mask, wear gloves or disinfect hands.

People flow

The easiest way to keep people moving around a space is to use arrows and footprints stuck directly on the floor. Tapes can also be used to maintain minimum distances, for example in front of cash registers and counters. Using a red X on a chair clearly advises people not to take a seat there.

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