Flooring is an essential investment for any warehouse. Operators who try to scrimp on maintaining their flooring may end up paying a great deal more long term. At the moment, finding a flooring contractor may prove problematic due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC) has said it supports its members whether they decide to keep their workers on site. However, the ACIFC advises members that if they cannot implement and abide by the Site Operating Procedures (SOP) as outlined in the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) document, they halt work on the affected sites until operating procedures can be met. The SOP was updated to reflect the latest Government guidance following the easing of lockdown measures in England from 4 July. The ‘one metre plus’ social distancing guidelines require workers to stay two metres apart, or one metre with risk mitigation where two metres is not viable, and it is expected that sites will maintain the social distancing measures in place.

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ASG is supplying social distancing safety signs to help warehouse operators keep their workers safe and observe the rules. A company statement said: “We know the intense pressure everyone is under at the moment – logistics businesses, retailers and manufacturers all need to maintain operations at peak efficiency while ensuring the safety of their workforce and observing Social Distancing rules. Our striking new Social Distancing signage reinforces the requirement to keep 2 metres (6 feet) apart at all times, acting as a constant reminder of the need to stay safe.” Beaverswood is also offering a range of social distancing floor markers and safety signage to help tackle coronavirus and keep staff and customers safe.

MiTek Mezzanine Systems (formerly Mezzanine International) works alongside the top half dozen system integrators in the world to design and deliver future-proofed mezzanine flooring systems. The company installs more than 20 bespoke mezzanine systems a week. Being the first global mezzanine company enables MiTek Mezzanine Systems to offer customers greater capacity to handle very large projects, securing economies of scale, enhanced access to the latest technologies through shared investment in R&D, and a wider and more unified service network.

CG Flooring specialises in the upgrading and repair of warehouse and industrial concrete floors. Its latest job was giving a lift to the floor in the public areas of a new warehouse facility for its client, a leading supplier of outdoor and activity-based lifestyle clothing. Looking for an enhanced appearance for the concrete floor in the reception, linking corridors and staff canteen areas, a polished concrete finish was chosen. After listening to what the client was looking for, on site samples were carried out before selecting the CoGri Commercial Finish. The finish provides variable exposure of aggregate with a mid-gloss sheen that also offers protection to the floor from spillage of liquids.

We look forward to the day when Covid-19 is fully behind us and flooring contractors are back in full swing.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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