AutoStore, the Norwegian robot technology company, reported revenues) of USD 195 million in 2019, up 36% from 2018 (144), and an adjusted EBITDA) of USD 108 million (75) following the continued strong demand for automated warehouse solutions. The outlook remains strong, despite short-term Covid-19 impact.

“2019 was a solid year for AutoStore, with continued high growth across markets, a strong pipeline and continued investments in robotics innovation. The underlying trend with ever-increasing consumer demands for omnichannel solutions, speed, e-commerce and online grocery shopping brings AutoStore in the sweet spot to provide innovative warehousing solutions for the world’s leading retailers and brands, “ says Karl Johan Lier, CEO of AutoStore.

At the end of 2019 AutoStore had sold a total of 418 installations, whereof 104 installations were sold in 2019. AutoStore installations are sold in over 30 different countries.

“The financial performance continues to be strong with a record number of robot systems deployed, solid profitability, unparalleled cash conversion and a return on capital employed that provides a high financial flexibility going forward for further expansion and growth. While we see some short-term project postponements following Covid-19, AutoStore has witnessed a significant online acceleration which will require even more automation in the times to come and we reiterate the strong outlook,” Lier continues.

During 2019, AutoStore opened several sales offices, including Japan, complementing the regional presence in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, with the main office in Nedre Vats, and a growing presence in Oslo, Norway. The company has delivered its AutoStore solution to warehouses across the globe for customers including Siemens, Puma, Best Buy, Medline and, while Norwegian customers include and XXL.

In December 2019 AutoStore was awarded first place in the European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest cross-industry business competitions. AutoStore has also been pointed to as one of Europe’s 100 digital champions, a list compiled by the Financial Times and Google. The Financial Times in March 2020 again called attention to AutoStore as one of Europe’s most exciting and successful companies.

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