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Put the power of mobile data in the hands of workers in your most demanding environments with Zebra’s ultimate L10 Android Rugged Tablet family. The XPAD, XBOOK 2-in-1 and XSLATE 10.1 inch go-anywhere tablets deliver the ultimate in enterprise features. Zebra’s family of Android tablets offer the capability to allow a smooth transition from Windows OS to Android without any compromises.

Three models meet the needs of workers in the most challenging industries including warehouses, logistics, mining, telecommunications, energy and the military, as well as construction and manufacturing plants. The rugged go-anywhere design is at home indoors, outside, in freezers, sub-zero cold and extreme heat, in forklifts and trucks, and even in bright sunshine.

Customise your L10 tablets with enterprise accessories that simplify everyday use. An advanced CPU platform delivers blazing fast performance on all your apps, a battery that provides full shift or around-the-clock power with a single charge, plus the fastest wireless connections – WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, GPS and NFC. Get the right data capture features with a 5 MP front camera for video calls, a 13 MP rear camera to capture proof-of-condition and more, and an optional integrated enterprise-class barcode scanner for flawless fast capture of virtually any barcode in practically any condition.

Manage Android updates with push button simplicity. And with Mobility DNA, you get valuable only-from-Zebra applications that take device performance, ease-of-use, manageability and security to the next level. Make the easy switch to Android with the Zebra’s L10 portfolio and experience the benefits:

Three form factors: XPAD integrated handle and optional barcode scanner, XBOOK 2-in-1 laptop replacement and XSLATE traditional tablet option.

Built- to-last rugged design to meet the needs of practically any job with three models

Unmatched battery power and battery management – up to 26 hours of operation on a single charge

OS security and manageability – OS updates made easy and lifetime security guard for Android

No other enterprise Android tablet can match Zebra’s family of powerful applications that take device performance, ease-of-use, manageability and security to the next level.

The L10 Series from Zebra – the ultimate rugged Android tablets built for business, for more information please contact:

Global Barcode

t: 01636 550560

e: info@globalbarcode.co.uk

w: www.globalbarcode.co.uk

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