“Battery manufacturers constantly strive to develop products that perform better for longer, and the next generation Power Square battery from TAB, provides the materials handling and logistics industries with an extremely compelling proposition for multiple heavy duty applications,” explains Keith Macdonald, commercial director of the UK’s largest independent battery sales and service supplier, ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT Industrial).

Keith Macdonald, commercial director of ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT Industrial).

“To achieve this breakthrough, TAB’s engineers have come up with an innovative solution to increase the surface of the active area of the lead exposed to the electrolyte, which is the ‘holy grail’ of lead-acid battery design, by rejecting conventional round tube positive plate technology and developing a square section tube that provides a considerably larger surface area.

“As a result, the capacity of each cell is increased, which means more active material on the positive plates and greater power. In addition, with a larger surface area exposed to electrolyte of a higher specific gravity, the plates can sustain higher levels of voltage throughout the discharge cycle, providing prolonged run time for equipment such as fork lifts, on a single cycle. So, fewer batteries are needed to maintain the same level of activity, therefore increasing productivity, which is the ultimate objective for every business.

“Used in combination with high frequency chargers equipped with faster charging profiles, the TAB Power Square solution also caters for opportunity charging, which means that equipment is ready for use whenever it is needed, having a direct effect on its operational efficiency, as well as its length of service.

“These significant operational benefits are supplemented with additional features such as ‘Aquamatic’, a central water filling system, ‘Airmatic’, an electrolyte mixing system and a capacitive electrolyte level sensor, with a battery monitoring system available as an option.”

Along with the other products in the manufacturer’s comprehensive range, the TAB Power Square, is available exclusively from ECOBAT Industrial. However, the company is also the sole distributor for Lucas batteries throughout Europe, as well as the appointed partner for the UK and Ireland for both the US Battery and Sonnenschein brands. When it comes to chargers, it is an approved supplier and service provider for Fronius and SPE, which allows it to provide industry a wide assortment of options.

“Flexibility is at the heart of our sales, support & innovation philosophy, which is why so many businesses rely on our ability to deliver multiple power storage solutions,” Macdonald continues. “So, in addition to the product and brands we supply and the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have built up over more than 60 years, ECOBAT Industrial also has a team of service engineers and a 13-branch network in locations strategically placed throughout the UK to enable us to provide a truly national service.”

For further details, please contact ECOBAT Industrial on: 01376 550825 or visit:

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