Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has announced that its innovative trak | uplift product has been certified by DNV GL to have a cycle life of 1,700 cycles.

DNV GL is one of the world’s leading independent certification bodies. A recognised advisor for many of the world’s most successful organisations, it helps businesses assure the performance of their organisations, products, people, facilities and supply chains. 

Hoppecke’s vented lead-acid batteries were introduced into the UK market just last year and provide the ideal solution for busy single shift operations. Whilst Hoppecke was always confident about claiming the longer cycle life, this certification means that the battery company’s own quality standards have been reinforced by a prestigious, independent expert in quality assurance. 

Stuart Browne, Operations Director-Sales and Service at Hoppecke UK, says: “We are delighted that a worldwide independent certification company has confirmed that Hoppecke batteries have an increased life compared to conventional batteries.” 

The trak | uplift is a universal, high quality, low-cost solution designed to keep a wide range of equipment operating at peak performance. Hoppecke can now guarantee these batteries have an increased operational life and this means it has full confidence in offering extended warranties. 

The cycle life 1,700 cycles, compared to the standard 1,500 cycles of most lead-acid type batteries, is a 13 per cent increase and means that Hoppecke trak | uplift batteries last longer in end-user applications.  

Stuart adds, “This makes it possible to look at extended contracts beyond the normal five years. In fact, with the combination of Hoppecke batteries with appropriate service and maintenance contracts, flexible contracts of seven or even 10 years are now a realistic option.” 

The increase in service life with trak | uplift has been achieved by a thorough redesign of all components of the battery system. Through a combination of quality, durability and economy the new battery range provides the ideal solution for busy single shift operations. 

Moreover, in comparison with conventional lead-acid batteries, trak | uplift products benefit from faster charging, longer maintenance intervals and lower operating costs. For those operations that need faster opportunity charging and increased fleet uptime, or a more robust system for demanding applications, the trak | uplift range includes the purpose-designed air, save+, iQ and TBM products.

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