There can be no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis is having a major impact on the distribution and logistics sector. Online shopping and home deliveries have increased dramatically in the last few weeks and these new consumer habits will likely remain and continue to expand even once the current restrictions are relaxed. This growth in e-commerce has lead to an increase in sales enquiries to Broadwater Mouldings for their Safeglide® chutes.

Broadwater Mouldings Ltd have been manufacturing constant velocity spiral chutes under the Safeglide® brand in their UK factory for over 35 years. Originally developed in conjunction with the Post Office in the early 1980s, the chutes are working successfully in a wide variety of industries and applications including Warehousing, Distribution, Parcel Sorting, Airport Luggage Handling and many other industrial applications.

Safeglide® chutes have been installed all over the world and many of the original chutes are still working, a testament to their durability and reliability. Driven only by gravity and with no power required, Safeglide® spiral chutes are the most economical, efficient and low maintenance way to safely convey assorted items from one level down to another, at controlled and constant speeds.

Matt Herbert, Broadwater Mouldings managing director reports “Despite the lockdown we are receiving new enquiries from systems integrators around the world, briefed with planning and equipping new warehousing and distribution centres. Our Safeglide® spiral chutes are seen as very cost-effective alternatives to powered systems and with their long-life expectancy and very low maintenance costs, provide a good return on investment.”

To learn more and see a full technical breakdown of the entire range, please visit safeglide.co.uk where you can download the Safeglide® Specifier’s Guide which also includes details of straight chutes and all contact details.

Broadwater Mouldings Ltd

t: 01379 774666

e: chutes@safeglide.co.uk

w: safeglide.co.uk

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