Through stringent routines and strict protocols, good manufacturers always employ the most efficient methods to try to avoid factory downtime. Not only is it an inconvenience, it can prove to be detrimental to the overall running of the business and the bottom line.

Installing a new floor or carrying out repairs and maintenance to an existing floor is one of the most common causes of factory downtime. Flooring is often overlooked but if it isn’t suitable for forklift traffic and you want to use the building as a warehouse, or if you need to get up and running quickly and you have to wait for an epoxy coating to cure, then you will incur avoidable and expensive costs.

Ecotile interlocking floor tiles can be loose laid in the majority of applications. Our tiles can be laid directly over the existing floor with minimal preparation as the interlocking design creates a strong and durable surface that copes easily with heavy traffic.

PVC is a lazy material that will follow the contours of the floor so uneven floors can be covered with only some smoothing compound required in the worst areas.

The vast majority of our customers are able to continue production and warehouse activities as normal while we install their new floor around them.

The fact that our interlocking tiles have been designed with the future in mind means that we will reduce your factory downtime now, as well as for years to come.

Ecotile interlocking tiles can be lifted and re-laid as and when required. If you experience a leak or spillage or need to change the layout of the floor to accommodate a new production line it can be achieved quickly and easily.

PVC is a tough, impermeable plastic that is very easy to clean by hand mopping or using a rotary scrubber dryer depending on the size of the flooring area.

Our interlocking tile system was expressly designed to solve the problem of factory downtime both at the installation and maintenance phases.

With a projected lifespan of 20 years we believe there is no better flooring to guarantee the smooth running of your factory and don’t forget that when you need to replace your Ecotile floor, we will buy back the old tiles and give you a credit to use against your new floor.

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