If you’ve ever tried to sweep large floor areas with a broom, you’ll know what an endless task it is. It stirs up dust into the air which is unpleasant to breathe in and coats you, your colleagues and your goods. It takes forever and is back-breaking. The floor never even seems clean afterwards – you’re still left with that gritty, slippery feeling underfoot.

With a Big Brute Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning large floor areas is quick, easy and effective.

The Big Brute Warehouseman has an extra-wide floor brush mounted on the front of its trolley. Just switch on and push along at walking pace – the floor brush cuts a swathe through the dust. The floor brush hugs the floor as you go, due to the Big Brute Warehouseman’s powerful suction, ensuring it follows the contours and bumps leaving the floor really clean in its wake.

Dust, dirt and debris is swept and sucked up, even that really fine dust that’s been ground up by the wheels of your forklifts.

And because all the dust is sucked up as you go, none of it gets stirred up into the air. Cleaning up with a Big Brute Warehouseman doesn’t leave you and your staff coated in dust, or breathing in clouds of dust. Its trolley is extremely manoeuvrable making it easy to push and turn. And its ergonomically positioned handles ensure your comfort by minimizing strain in your wrists and back.

Add to this the Big Brute Warehouseman’s long, big-diameter suction hose and cleaning tools. With its powerful suction, you can clean into corners, under and between racking and even each up walls and window ledges, without losing suction. You can clean all those hard-to-reach areas without having to drag your Big Brute around behind you.

The Big Brute Warehouseman’s huge capacity lets you clean for longer without having to stop so often to empty it. And with its many ways of emptying it, even the heaviest of loads can be disposed of safely without putting your staff at risk.

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners were originally designed in 1986 to cope with the dust, dirt and environment of industries. With their no-nonsense engineering and performance, Big Brutes have been helping industries the world over clean-up for decades.

All Big Brutes are designed and manufactured in the UK by Michael Williams Engineering Ltd – a family-owned UK company, based near Cambridge.

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