Founded in 2013, Redfits originally sourced and supplied third party recognised products and, through signficiant and rapid growth, they are now an established and trusted global brand owner and retailer.

As the business has grown, so too has the demand for their products, and as a result of this, they were in need of a larger storage facility that would house a wide and growing range of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

The Redfits warehouse storage solutions project was based in a relatively new warehouse and distribution centre, based at Prologis Park in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Following the initial recommendation regarding the actual space Redfits chose, SEC Storage was again invited to meet and discuss suitable solutions for the storage requirements within their new facility.

SEC used their advanced analysis software tools and in-house team of experts to determine the best bespoke option for the available space.

Their simulation programme demonstrated that an adjustable pallet racking system would provide the most appropriate level of storage to manage their existing stock levels, and importantly, be able to handle the significant increase in SKUs as they continue on their growth trajectory.

An adjustable racking system complete with warehouse barriers

Following the order and a detailed site survey by the SEC Project Delivery Team, work began on-site, and, within a number of weeks, the new adjustable pallet racking system was installed and ready to go.

SEC Storage also made allowances for the supply and installation of labelling systems along with multiple warehouse barriers, which were installed throughout the warehouse in order to protect the racking from potential forklift truck collisions.

The resulting solution has helped Redfits to optimise their warehouse cube, providing them with the capacity to not only store their existing range of SKUs but to also take on a significant increase of SKUs moving forward.

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