Flexible Warehousing

Flexibility, capability and dependability are key factors when looking at warehousing solutions. One answer is modular designed semi-permanent structures. NP Structures is a UK manufacturer of PVC-clad structures, and the company has seen a huge increase in the demand for adaptable warehousing.

With warehouse space being at a premium, demand is high for cost-effective storage space that meets the needs of fast-paced operations. NP Structures’ Marketing Manager, Danielle Palfreeman commented “NP Structures storage solutions provide an alternative and sustainable alternative to traditional warehousing units. To keep up with this ever-evolving environment, a semi-permanent fabric structure helps save on costs and is able to adapt to the changing requirements of the customer. Our semi-permanent structures have never been more relevant to businesses wanting to expand, but are uncertain about investing in large-scale warehousing developments or fall foul of the rising cost of rent sparked by the lack of warehousing space in the UK. PVC buildings are often overlooked as a viable option for commercial storage, improvements in design and materials means that our structures conform to BS standards and, although are considered semi-permanent, have been designed to last 20 years +.”

Relocate, Extend, Reduce or Modify Easily

Flexible warehousing provides businesses with many unique advantages. The benefits of semi-permanent structures include fast design, manufacture and construction, with the flexibility to be adapted, modified, extended or relocated if needed. This allows customers to adapt quickly to change.

NP Structures specialise in the design and manufacture of rack-clad buildings, where the racking forms part of the structure of the building, maximising the concept of space utilisation for a fraction of the cost of traditional warehousing solutions. Innovative design features and high-quality materials allow for optimum protection from the elements, their patented Stripfix® tensioning system allows the PVC fabric to be highly tensioned in 2m strips creating a drum-skin tight membrane for a strong, clean finish.

Unique Design Features For Faster Installation

NP Structures’ cantilever rack-clad buildings boast many benefits for businesses looking to extend their operations. Heavy-duty cantilever racking forms the structure of the building and features a Quick-Lock installation system, designed by in-house structural engineers to SEMA standards using top of the range CAD software. NP Structures’ cantilever arms feature a boltless slot-in assembly, allowing arms to be installed or adjusted within seconds without equipment. The boltless horizontal insertion into the column avoids contact with adjacent storage levels when adjusting arm heights, reducing remodelling and assembly downtime. To avoid damage to the racking or stock, the cantilever arms are designed so that on impact the height-adjustable arms pivot horizontally or vertically. Added security features ensure the arm cannot be accidentally disconnected, the design of the locking system will not allow the arm to disengage until it has been lifted above 45 degrees.

Palfreeman added, “We have been designing steel structures for over 50 years, we have answered customer demand for cantilever storage systems that can be installed in a fraction of the time of conventional racking. Warehouse space is a big problem for everyone at the moment, the last thing anyone needs is lengthy delays and disruption to their day-to-day operations. We are confident that the robust and efficient nature of our cantilever racking will be the perfect fit for any environment.”

As part of NP Structures’ Flexible Warehousing range, cantilever racking featuring their Quick-Lock installation system is available as a standalone product. Pallet rack-clad buildings are due to be released later in the year.

NP Structures will be debuting their cantilever and pallet rack-clad structures at Intralogistex stand 713.

For more details call NP Structures’ dedicated sales team on 01282 873 148 or visit

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