During Logimat, Modula will be presenting the new LIFT ME, a compact version of VLM, with a tray that is only 1.5m wide but with all the advantages of the Modula Lift.

The new LIFT ME starts at a minimum height of 3.3m and it can store up to 80.000 kg, spread over different trays, with a tray load capacity ranging from 250kg to 990kg.

The Lift ME is the first Lift with such a small tray width that allows you to place the Modula in smaller locations but with the same range, efficiency and performance as it’s older brothers in the LIFT range. The smaller width of the tray allows the new Lift ME to have a throughput of up to 120 trays/hour. It can also have up to 3 bays including one at height and on the same side.

On the Logimat stand (B31 / HALL 3) Modula will be also demonstrating the Modula SLIM, a really compact VLM with a new concept of space saving: while it is only 1.6m deep it is able to store up to 25,000 kg (gross payload).

The Modula Slim can store any kind of material and picking times will be dramatically improved with more than 190 picks per hour. The Modula Slim is easy to install and easy to use.

It can be installed in any plant in as little as 48 hours and in just a few days your staff will be ready start using it, due to its intuitive and user friendly, Industrial Touch screen console (Copilot), which has been designed to guide the operators through each activity with ease.

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