Mezzanine floors are an excellent way to increase productive work space in a warehouse, without the cost of moving to a new location. With goods being stored below a mezzanine as well as on the mezzanine floor itself, it is an excellent way of maximising warehouse space. Mezzanine floors can be a good solution for lost space within a warehouse, wherever the full height of the building is not already being utilised. For example; a mezzanine can be installed over the top of an office space,above a parking area for Material Handling Vehicles, or over an area of low shelving.

Warehouse mezzanines can have a wide range of uses. Some businesses use a mezzanine for additional pallet storage. Mezzanines can also be used as an excellent picking and packing area, or even an over-warehouse office – keeping administration staff on the same site as the warehouse. Some warehouses opt to use a mezzanine as a staff area, with a small kitchen, facilities and a rest room. This gives personnel the opportunity to take their breaks away from the warehouse floor. All these options allow a warehouse to gain more space for important activities, without taking away from the storage area of the warehouse floor.

Warehouse Systems Limited is one of the UK’s premium specialists on bespoke warehouse mezzanine floors. WSL’s team of expert mezzanine floor designers can suggest a design, based on a client’s specific needs and requirements. They can advise on access according to how many people need to use the floor and what it will be used for. Pallet gates, including for specialist pallet sizes can be installed; as well as conveyors, shoots and lifts.

Familiar with all fire and building regulations, WSL can take on a project as Principle Designer and Contractor, accepting the responsibility of complying with all legislation so the client doesn’t have to. All walls, handrails, stairs, fire ratings, lighting and electrics can be provided by WSL.

WSL’s top specification, Leeds based factory, produces CE marked mezzanine floors of any size that are then installed on site by skilled teams. As full members of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA), WSL is also well placed to offer advice on mezzanine storage and can build or improve on storage solutions throughout the rest of the warehouse, making WSL an excellent option for a new warehouse fitout.

Each mezzanine project by WSL is entirely bespoke; designed by specialist mezzanine designers after consultation with warehouse managers to establish the most efficient function for the floor.

Warehouse Systems Limited

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