Drones are rapidly becoming established as a key technology for industrial applications, especially in the warehouse, where they can be implemented to automate and optimise mundane tasks – like stock auditing and physical inventory checks. Their affordable entry cost means they are suited to all business sizes, including those for whom other forms of warehouse automation are cost prohibitive.

At LogiMAT, Indigo’s consultants can fill you in on how drones can be used to support existing warehouse operatives undertaking repetitive activities. Compared with other forms of automation like AGVs, drones offer huge potential. They do not require an existing warehouse to be especially adapted, because they can physically navigate a DC without being on the floor. They significantly increase process accuracy and have a degree of self awareness, which is an important health and safety consideration.

“Indigo’s goal for 2020 is to be actively working with customers to prove the benefits of using drones that are fully integrated with Indigo WMS in their warehouses. We are already working on feasibility studies with UK based technology partners and our aim is to launch a solution that can be used globally,” says Carl Green, CTO at Indigo Software. He adds, “As with most IoT applications, drones allow actions to be processed in a very repeatable way. For instance, when using a drone for stock counts, the process can achieve a much higher degree of accuracy, whereas with manual workers, the accuracy would deteriorate over time as they become tired or bored. Drones help to remove the degrees of error that are inevitable in low level monotonous jobs and this means people can be reallocated to do more effective things instead.”

Indigo has many years of experience working with SMEs and midrange companies, helping them to implement new technology to improve their warehouse operations. In these organisations, the benefits of automation tend to be noticed more quickly than with larger organisations. This is because they tend to have fewer resources available and small improvements make a big difference in a short timeframe.

“Indigo always takes a very collaborative approach when working with customers, looking in each case at how technology can help to solve their problems. We want to have a long term partnership with companies, listening carefully to what their issues are and delivering cost effective products that meet their real needs,” says Carl Green.

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