Since 1977, Advanced Handling has been renowned for designing and manufacturing specialist lifting, handling and manoeuvring solutions to customers from all industries in and around Europe.

Foodmek is also well-known in its market; designing and manufacturing tailor-made processing equipment for some of the largest food and drink manufacturers around the world.

Foodmek was designing a conveyor system to integrate into a customer’s production line. As part of this, they required a solution to manoeuvre the pallets from ground level up to the working height of the conveyor so the goods could be unloaded safely and efficiently and feed the production line.

It was important that manual handling and operator involvement was minimised to reduce the risk of employee injury from unnecessary lifting, bending and stretching and due to the nature of the food and drink manufacturing industry.

They called upon Advanced Handling as the lifting and handling element was outside of their technical remit and they recognised the knowledge, skills and experience Advanced Handling had to help Foodmek provide the end-customer with the perfect solution.

Foodmek commented “We needed a lift that was strong and precise and could be operated easily by the client’s production team. We chose Advanced Handling as they happily accepted the challenge of designing the exact piece of equipment we needed to meet all our requirements.”

Advanced Handling designed and manufactured a bespoke Double Static Scissor Lift Table in food-grade stainless steel featuring a roller-ball top, automatic roll-off guards and an anti-tilt base and lid. These modifications made the scissor lift table easy and safe to use whilst ensuring the lift complied with the stringent health and safety regulations of the industry.

Collaboratively, Foodmek and Advanced Handling supplied the end customer with the perfect conveyor system for their food processing facility. The roller-ball scissor lift table raised the pallets to the perfect height so the operator could manoeuvre the product safely and ergonomically from the pallet and onto the conveyor.

Since the success of this project, Foodmek has continued to approach Advanced Handling to supply material lifting, handling and manoeuvring solutions to integrate into their food processing machinery. This approach ensures that the end customer invests in a solution tailored to fit all their needs.

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