More item-level picking and returns, a dizzying amount of complexity, demands for shorter delivery times, high workforce turnover. All these factors are putting you under greater pressure to fulfil more orders in less time with fewer long-term employees. That’s the new reality of warehousing.

On top of that, you can’t afford to ignore what’s going to happen after January 1, 2020, when Microsoft is ending its extended support of Windows Embedded and Mobile operating systems, and this means more security risks and diminishing capabilities from your legacy Windows devices.

How well you adapt to these forces depends in great part on how quickly you migrate to modern mobile devices, modernising with Android is the path to faster, leaner operations.

You may be wondering why you should upgrade your devices right now? Online orders will only continue to escalate, as delivery times shorten and labour forces remain volatile. If you’re going to keep pace with new demands and keep devices secure, upgrade the devices workers use day in and day out. Some parts such as chips are no longer being made on legacy Windows devices. If the manufacturer runs out of stock, then you’ll be forced to retire the device. That can disrupt your daily operations. As well as continuity of parts, new devices bring better battery performance and productivity gains thanks to intuitive user interfaces on new form factors.

You may also ask is Android “Safe” for Enterprise? Android has demonstrated a history of incremental security enhancements, such as NSA “Security Enhanced” (SELinux) features, per-user VPNs, Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR), etc. Android OS is meeting regulatory security certifications in multiple verticals, including retail via PCI DSS, healthcare’s HIPAA and government’s FIPS 140-2. Put simply – Modern devices are architectured to handle modern day threats.

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