People worry that the UK is running out of warehouse space, but our storage solutions suppliers have plenty of bright ideas. When you want racking, you want it now, or sooner. As the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel storage products, Whittan has a long history of designing and manufacturing storage products and is proud of its steel forming experience and heritage. The company is taking its expertise to new levels with a clever new bespoke design and specification software, Design 360, which it is introducing to internal and partner designers, allowing customer requirements to be quickly and easily translated into workable designs.

Harry Watts, SEC Storage’s Commercial Director says the answer to the capacity crisis is smarter utilisation of existing space, maximising the cube in current facilities to provide efficient warehouse storage. SEC recently designed and installed an adjustable pallet racking system for Welch’s Transport’s new Bedford depot. SEC designed the solution so more racking can be added as capacity requirements increase, to create articulated forklift configurations.

PALLITE’s new warehouse storage solution PALLITE PIX is smarter because it increases warehouse capacity by consolidating pick-faces, freeing under-utilised space while increasing pick efficiency and accuracy and enabling warehouses to flex their storage around their changing product ranges.

We must all get smarter about protecting racking from forklift truck damage, say WSL. It’s not only advisable from the point of view of protecting the steelwork and the goods on it: employers have a legal obligation to safeguard employees from health and safety hazards. Repetitive shunts to the base of storage structures reduce the structures’ durability, leading to increased risk of collapse, jeopardising employee safety and the business as a whole. WSL remind us that even the most careful forklift truck operators and warehouse workers can accidently bump into the bottom of these structures when manoeuvring around busy warehouses. With protection barriers in place these structures will remain unscathed in a collision as the barriers are designed and positioned to take the impact before it can reach the structure.

They don’t get much cleverer than AR Racking, a leading company in the European storage solutions market, who have teamed up with Mondragon University in Spain’s Basque country, which is renowned for its technological innovation. The partnership will enable AR Racking to study its products behavior in detail, enhancing the constant improvement of its storage solutions, while increasing Mondragon University’s know-how, opening new paths for research and training.

Finally, we all need to know more about safer storage. A good place to brush up on the latest developments is the 2019 SEMA Safety Conference on Thursday, 31 October. The venue is the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull. Get on your bike, put it in your diary now!

Bill Redmond

Features Editor

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