First of all, Justin, can you talk us through the different products and services Logistex Ltd provides?

Justin Saw, Sales Director of Logistex Ltd.

As an independent company with no manufacturing ties, Logistex has the freedom to source best in class equipment to optimise any solution.

Our offering to the market therefore encompasses a wide range of technologies to which we have been particularly successful recently in delivering fully Automated Pallet Shuttle and Tote Shuttle solutions. We are also increasingly becoming engaged in robotic based projects as this technology becomes increasingly viable.

Our key services include Solution Design, which is supported by full simulation and virtual reality to enhance customer experience and provide proof of concept, emulation, WMS, Project Implementation and Engineering support services.

What sets your company apart as a supplier in your category?

Being independent we have a key advantage in that we can provide an unrivaled solution in integrating the best equipment from a wide range of suppliers. This has been particularly evident in some of our more recent projects where we have been able to provide better overall throughput and performance using proven equipment, which further reduces risk.

Our systems team are based at our Head Office in Kettering so the team remains very accessible and can respond quickly to our customers needs.

As a business we also offer a 24/7 hotline and support service which is provided by Logistex employees, which is highly valued by our clients.

What business sectors are your customers in? Which industry sectors are growing fastest for you?

E-com remains a very large growth area for Logistex. Ongoing challenges within the labour market, and the need to fulfil orders in the quickest possible time, at the lowest cost, leads clients to explore the benefits of automation. Both new and existing customers are regularly challenging us to provide innovative solutions in this area.

Similarly Food and Drink and Apparel remain growth sectors.

Logistex have also successfully delivered a multi-award winning project within the Pharmacy industry, which was the first of its type. Both the solution design and software requirement ensured we utilised the core strengths of the business.

Which of your core products and solutions are you presenting on your stand at IMHX? Are you launching anything new at the show?

For IMHX 2019 we will be exhibiting, both Pallet and Tote Shuttle product on our stand. We will also have a video of our newly delivered Pallet Shuttle project for Britvic. The project has enabled Britvic to double production and significantly reduce pallet movements and fork truck activity which also improves Health and Safety on site.

Why should busy professionals from the warehouse and logistics industry take time out to visit your stand at IMHX?

It is so important to keep updated with product enhancements and new technologies. The IMHX provides an excellent way of being able to meet with suppliers and understand new developments and market trends.

What do you see as the main benefits to your company from being involved with IMHX?

The IMHX is an excellent platform for Logistex to engage with new and existing customers. During the last show we obtained a number of high-quality enquiries and met with one particularly memorable client which resulted in a multi-million-pound contract for a Pallet Shuttle project which we secured last year.

Equally for Logistex we can meet with potential new suppliers who may also be exhibiting at the show.

The last IMHX was 2016. How has your business changed since then?

Logistex now offer 3D modelling and Virtual Reality of our solutions as part of our sales offering. This is supported by full system simulation and emulation using live customer data.

This enables our design team to run different scenarios and identify pinch points in the solution prior to installation. We can then work with our clients to agree how we best mitigate this.

Providing Simulation and Emulation provides confidence as to the performance of any design and reduces risk.

Can you tell us about your major customer contract wins in the last three years? Do these represent new development areas for your company?

Over the last 3 years Logistex have won several key projects.

Within the Food and Drink sector Logistex have won several fully Automated Pallet Shuttle solutions. The increased flexibility this can provide offers many advantages against traditional crane solutions.

Additionally, Logistex are currently installing a 54,000 tote shuttle project for a major UK retailer. This will be our largest tote shuttle solution and one of the largest in the UK.

Most recently we have secured a contract for Pharmacy2U’s new facility in Bardon. This includes robotic label and checking which will continue to revolutionise the Pharmacy industry and significantly reduce the cost of fulfilment. Robotics, whether supporting picking or load handling, is a key development area for Logistex.

Which other countries do you operate in besides the UK? Which overseas markets are most important for you?

Logistex operates in mainland Europe, though most of our business is based in the UK. We recently completed a new highbay project for Tetra Pak in Sweden and also have live operations in Demark, Belgium, Netherlands and Romania.

It’s three years to the next IMHX. Where do you see your company going in that time?

I would expect Logistex to continue to provide innovative solutions to any automation application. We are a people-based business, so it is vital that we continue to develop our employees to grow with the business.


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