Is your business enjoying the prosperity of a newly installed storage system which fits with your warehouse operations perfectly? Has your revised layout and new racking equipment enhanced material handling and storage abilities, improving overall performance and productivity? Your new racking system is a valuable asset to your company and it is important to protect it. Protecting your racking will in turn protect your employees, your inventory and your investment.

As a supplier and manufacturer of accredited to CE Marking BS EN: 1090 and a Full Member of SEMA, Warehouse Systems Limited offer a wide range of robust high quality products that will help protect your racking and mezzanine floor structure. We have the ability to provide all types of highly visible rack protection products and safety barriers which will help keep your warehouse safe including:

Upright Protection – This U shaped robust metal is bolted to the floor, surrounding each upright

Column Barriers – These are L shaped to protect corners of not only racking but also doorways and wall corners

Protection Posts – L shaped to protect corners, these can be fixed to corners of not just racking but doorways and wall corners.

Barrier Systems – Covering a longer range, these durable metal barriers are great for protecting the end of a pallet racking run ensuring handling equipment and pedestrians are kept to a safe distance.

Guiderails – placed to protect employees from falling or from entering restricted areas

Pallet Gates – Ensures safety of workers, inventory and structure whilst pallets are being unloaded or loaded onto mezzanine floor.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure each and every employee is protected from health and safety hazards. Repetitive shunts directly to the base of your storage structure over time will reduce the structures durability, leading to an increased risk of collapse which will jeopardize employee safety and the business as a whole.

Your storage structure should be guarded and protected at all times to ensure a safe working environment for your employees, and to prevent damage which can be costly. Although the framework is robust it can weaken and eventually become unsafe as a result of repetitive collisions. Even the most careful forklift truck operators and warehouse workers can accidently bump into the bottom of these structures when maneuvering around a busy warehouse with forklift trucks and other equipment.

With protection barriers in place the structure will remain unscathed in the event of collision as the robust protection barriers are designed and positioned to take the impact before it can reach the structure itself

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