At IMHX, GEBHARDT ECS Ltd can be found on stand 6E240 where we will be introducing fully operational solutions for Intralogistics 4.0 and complete systems. The expansive spectrum of innovative products will be further complemented on the show stand by the UK launch of GridPick.

GridPick is the highly innovative system for enhanced order picking efficiency in manual warehouses, consisting of multiple freely navigating driverless transport vehicles with an integrated GEBHARDT StoreWare® material flow system (MFS), which intelligently guides the vehicles and therefore also the employees through the warehouse. Kai Reinhard at GEBHARDT Systems commented, “The GridPick vehicles guide the order picker through the warehouse, provide information on where items are to be picked and in what quantities, verify the picked items and transport them to the loading area. The employee has their hands free, is not required to shift heavy loads and the distances and times spent searching for items are significantly reduced.”

The new GEBHARDT Galileo IoT Platform offers customers the possibility of digitalising and networking their complete intralogistics system on a Cloud. Through the creation of a digital twin within the platform, it is possible to visualise system expansions and modifications using augmented reality in the form of 3D holograms. Due to the continuous condition monitoring, customers can access real-time data at any time. This allows them to recognise impending downtimes and the need for maintenance work on time (predictive maintenance). As a result, maintenance and repairs can take place at scheduled times, which reduces downtimes during ongoing production. This type of approach has a positive effect on the service life of components and machines and users have access to all data of a material flow system at a glance via dashboards.

The StoreBiter 300 MLS is a highly dynamic shuttle system for operation with multiple storage levels and offers effective access to input and output goods with a multitude of applications, following the “goods-to-man” principle. Due to the various load handling attachments, the StoreBiter 300 MLS can input and output containers, boxes and trays on a multi-depth storage basis, in a range of sizes. In contrast to the classic small parts store solutions, the shuttle system exhibits a significantly higher input and output capacity, whilst the storage system can also be flexibly expanded due to its modular design.

Providing a more efficient material flow with seamless storage processes and graphical interface, the GEBHARDT StoreWare® material flow system connects, controls and monitors all decisive components of the intralogistics system. As such, the flexibility facilitates alignment with the requirements at all times, and the system consequently remains permanently up to date. The GEBHARDT StoreWare® visualisation is the graphical interface between the operators and the system and enables the visual presentation of the operating processes. With modern 3D graphics, it is possible to visualise failure statistics, identify bottlenecks on time and avoid future downtimes. Customers receive functions for seamless documentation, control of transport and storage processes, as well as rationalisation of the operative processes within the warehouse.



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