Representing a cost effective and efficient means of expanding an existing facility’s capacity, mezzanine floors are tried and trusted structures that can be used on a temporary or longer- term basis. In line with changing industry trends, Howard Morris, Managing Director at Trade Fabrication Systems, discusses why advances in processing technology are opening up more modern, creative and practical opportunities for mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine floors have traditionally been associated with large scale industrial environments, generally being constructed based on speed and less concern given to aesthetics and performance. The continued rise in e-commerce has led to a rapid rise in warehousing facilities which are no longer simply required for bulk-sale distribution – leading to sophisticated and highend operations. Consequently, the role of the mezzanine floor has required a major rethink.

Companies are now demanding that mezzanine floors are more than simply functional. Instead, major corporations specify that a higher level of hygiene and aesthetics must be achieved to ensure their brands are well represented, not only on the high street, but also in the distribution centres.

From a building management perspective, this can represent a challenge – especially in existing facilities where stock is in situ. Any maintenance or upgrading of the mezzanine floor requires stock to be relocated, causing a logistical challenge which has a time and financial consideration. This is where many facilities and warehousing professionals are starting to explore innovative approaches to mezzanine management. Replacing standard installation procedures with strategies which incorporate prefinishing surface coating services from experienced B2B processing partners, these forward-thinking businesses are reaping commercial and practical benefits.

Whereas mezzanine floor finishes may have been site applied creating delays in machinery installation and suffering from the vagaries of manual application, off-site finishing presents many opportunities. This can include both decorative and performance related finishes – paint, lacquer, fire rated treatments and slip resistant coatings; many of which are available in a range of RAL colours.

All of the obvious benefits of off-site manufacture are encompassed when utilising this service. In terms of refurbishment of existing installations, similar finishes can be provided to ‘overlay boards’ thus upgrading the floor with a professional finish without necessity for a total strip-out.

As an experienced processing and finishing company, Trade Fabrication Systems can provide expert advice on the possibilities which are now open to mezzanine floors. The technical team will help facilities and warehouse managers to rethink the role of the mezzanine floor beyond the traditional, helping to bring retail and distribution sites up to an ultra-modern, hygienic and high performance specification – all while maximising operational efficiency and minimising downtime.


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