Manchester-based logistics equipment provider, Palletower, has announced it is to open its first European office.

European Sales Manager, Ian Baldock.

The office will be based in Bilovec, in the Czech Republic and run by new European Sales Manager, Ian Baldock. Ian is Palletower’s first fulltime employee outside the UK and will lead the company’s operations in central and eastern Europe.

With export sales in excess of £5 million per year and major contracts in western Europe, Australia and South America expansion into central and eastern Europe is seen as the next logical step for the evergrowing business.

The announcement follows a record-breaking year for Palletower. Last year it reported a turnover of £22 million, an increase of £8m since its management buyout in 2012. Ian said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for me and one I’m relishing. Palletower is a global business that works with some of world’s biggest brands. I’m confident with my knowledge of the marketplace and wealth of contacts within the industry I can help expand its client portfolio in Europe and contribute to the company’s continued growth.”

Britain’s future in the European Union has been the subject of much debate in recent months but this hasn’t deterred the company’s plans for expansion.

Matthew Palmer, Managing Director at Palletower, said: “There is obviously a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Brexit process, but this hasn’t impacted the demand for Palletower products across Europe.

We’ve seen an increase in enquiries over recent months and because of this we believe it is the right time to establish a presence on the continent. As a business we’re constantly identifying new markets for expansion and we see central and eastern Europe as areas of particular focus in the coming years.”

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