Triathlon® Battery Solutions is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of both Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries. Led by directors Thomas Burgess and Matthew Stevenson, Triathlon is championing the Lithium-Ion revolution and here’s why:

Triathlon’s Lithium-Ion technology:

• Can be fully charged in 1-2 hours.

• Can be charged at any time.

• Requires zero maintenance.


• There’s no need to keep spare batteries.

• There’s no need for time-consuming battery change outs.

• One charger can charge up to 5 batteries.

• There’s zero risk of acid spills.

• There’s no gassing.

• Triathlon’s lithium batteries are 40% more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries.

“We would like to quash the myth that you need to buy a new truck in order to make the switch from lead acid to lithium-Ion” said Thomas. “We will go to your site and assess your application to ensure it’s suitable for Lithium-Ion. We will then use our unique software to analyse data comparisons between Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion.

Through these reports we can help you make an informed decision to ensure you choose the best option for your business, we even offer a range of demo batteries for you to trial”.

Triathlon can manufacture battery trays to match any Lead Acid battery, which allows them to retro fit their Lithium-Ion batteries into your existing electric trucks. Once their initial site inspection and analysis has been completed, they will be able to build a Lithium-Ion battery that meets your exact specification and requirements.

“The Triathlon team will support you throughout the entire process, providing expert advice and guidance and making sure everything runs smoothly” stated Matthew. “We offer a great after sales service too which is managed by our customer service team in Manchester. We also have a nationwide team of experienced service engineers who are able to carry out both emergency and planned maintenance which means your equipment will remain in good working order and downtime will be kept to a minimum.”

Now you know how easy it is, are you ready to make the switch? Whatever your battery requirements are, whether Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion, or a combination of both, Triathlon® will have a solution for you. Why not talk to Triathlon about how their products and battery expertise can help you save money, maximise productivity and become more energy efficient.


Tel: 0800 015 6979


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