At LogiMAT 2019 battery charging technology expert Fronius demonstrated how forklift truck operators can make their intralogistics more sustainable. Modern battery charging systems, intelligent battery management and a wide range of services relating to the charging process – all these allow the company to support users in lowering their energy consumption for the operation of electric forklift trucks and reducing their costs and impact on the environment in the process.

At LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart Fronius demonstrated
how forklift truck operators can make their
intralogistics more sustainable.

For Fronius sustainability is key when developing new systems and technologies. With the Ri process, the company has launched a charging process for lead/acid batteries that ensures maximum energy efficiency and a long battery service life. As the process does not follow a rigid characteristic, the battery only receives as much current as it needs during charging. This significantly reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Fronius also offers suitable battery charging systems for operation using lithiumion batteries. The company provides fleet operators with advice, regardless of the technology, and supports them in designing their ideal charging infrastructure.

Fronius showed the combination of battery charging technology and photovoltaic systems by combining its competences in solar energy and battery charging. The interplay with the innovative battery-charging technology holds great potential for optimisation: The user saves on energy costs, is more independent from the mains power grid, and simultaneously improves their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The company was also able to provide an exclusive preview into the future of its Selectiva chargers. Fronius announced that there are several product innovations from the successful series planned for the coming year. Further information on this should soon be published at regular intervals.


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