About Redway Networks

Redway Networks are specialists in networking and wireless solutions. Our experienced team offer full site surveys, wireless network planning and installation as well as providing ongoing support with your wireless network.

Warehouse environments are busy and complex with constant movement, miles of shelving and metal everywhere. These surroundings, added with the use of mobile technology can create a challenge for WiFi networks. Our vast experience in warehouse WiFi solutions gives us the knowledge and understanding to design the very best solution to ensure reliability and consistent coverage for your warehouse operation.

Technology Supplies Ltd

Technology Supplies Ltd (part of Wall Family Europe Limited) is a leading supplier of specialist educational equipment for schools and colleges around the world. The distribution centre (90,000 sq/ft) in Shrewsbury provides an industryleading logistics service to the specialist brands in the group – supplying goods to customers in over 50 countries.

The Challenge

Technology Supplies Ltd were having major issues within their warehouse as staff were struggling to pick products using their scanners and it was identified that this was down to a lack of consistent WiFi coverage. This was causing operational inefficiencies for the business with temporary staff having to be employed each month to assist with picking.

Mark Jarvis, Head of IT, identified that they needed to increase WiFi coverage within the warehouse and ensure that they had a reliable solution. They had a very urgent need to resolve these wireless issues as it was having a significant impact to certain operations. Mark emphasised how adaptable Redway Networks were to their business needs, carrying out the site survey and in turn the installation out of hours to minimise any disruption to the business.

The Solution

Technology Supplies instructed Redway Networks to carry out a site survey across their warehouse and recommend a suitable solution to eradicate their coverage issues. Mark felt that Redway Networks were very responsive to their needs, providing a quick turnaround and great communication throughout the whole process. After carrying out a detailed survey and considering any possible interference issues with stock, racking and moving equipment, Redway Networks presented a full Aerohive solution to ensure maximum coverage and performance.

The solution consisted of 20 x AP245X access points with external antenna connectors which are highly suited to the challenging environment of a warehouse. The AP245X also benefits from an AI-driven WiFi architecture capable of self-optimising and self-learning in the most difficult surroundings. Their cooperative architecture eliminates single points of failure and bottlenecks, delivering bulletproof stability and maximum coverage which is critical for a warehouse environment.

The work had to be carried out during the evenings as it is a working warehouse and the operation could not afford any downtime. Mark was highly impressed at how Redway Networks understood their needs, completing the installation out of hours within a week.

Once the solution was installed, it moved into a phase of testing units to ensure that there was full signal across the complete warehouse. An Aerohive certified engineer also provided additional technical support, ensuring all units had the latest software and fine-tuned to ensure the very best performance.


Technology Supplies Ltd have been extremely impressed with the Aerohive solution and have seen a massive improvement in efficiency and productivity within their operation, eliminating the need to employ additional staff, ultimately reducing costs and improving overall business.

Mark Jarvis, Head of IT said “We were very very pleased with Redway Networks. They were always on hand to provide assistance. Everything that was promised from the solution and throughout the project was achieved and delivered. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and would definitely use them again.”


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