As a possible sign of growing optimism in the UK manufacturing and distribution industries, Espex Batteries Ltd has recorded strong growth in the traction battery sector for the last two quarters.

Amit Ghosal, Chief Executive of Espex
Batteries Ltd.

Demand from OE forklift manufacturers and dealers across the country has been growing; an indication of resilience and positivity among UK businesses.

“We feel this growth can be attributed to two core factors,” explains the company’s chief executive, Amit Ghosal. “Firstly we can see signs of growing confidence among our customer base, which generally bodes well for the UK’s manufacturing and logistics industries. We work to keep the UK’s forklifts running because they’re a vital part of what makes our economy tick – if demand is up it can only be good news across the board”.

“Secondly, we’re very proud of the strides we’ve made as a business recently. Our new HQ just outside of Cardiff is wellstocked, superbly organised and features modern office spaces staffed by dedicated customer service professionals. We have a national network of sales and support staff – including battery & charger engineers – plus an additional, strategically located, distribution centre.

“This level of investment is paying dividends, giving our valued customers reassurance that we’re the number one company to trust for traction battery-related products and services, while raising our profile among prospects or those who have felt let down by their incumbent supplier.”

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