It’s always great to hear a good success story in business, particularly when it involves one of your own customers. This was the case when West Sussex based winery, Divergent Drinks approached Palletower with the challenge of how to store over 20,000 bottles of wine through their demanding production schedule.

Palletower, the global market leaders in the manufacture of storage, handling and distribution equipment already had a wealth of experience in solving storage problems for a number of UK, South African and Lebanese wineries and were therefore the perfect choice to offer the best advice and solutions.

As the only producer in the UK to use the Charmat method to produce sparkling wine, Divergent Drinks produce a unique English wine labelled “Fitz”. The Charmat method is the same process used in the production of Prosecco from Italy and Divergent use this and regional grapes from Sussex to produce a highly desirable lightly fruited sparkling wine that’s gaining an ever-increasing range of customers.

During the process, the need for specific storage equipment became apparent.

“Storing the first batch of 20,000 bottles of wine required both reliable protection and the best utilisation of space,” stated Dan Cahill, MD at Divergent. “We also needed to ensure continued air circulation around the bottles to avoid condensation; not great when applying labels.”

“Palletower visited our site and assessed the space, the production flow and bottle size and weight and recommended we use their heavy-duty wire mesh hypacages which have been an immediate success. The hypacages have provided the protection we needed. The half drop front gate gave us the easy access when loading and unloading which is particularly useful when you’re bottling at 1,000 per hour. The ability to stack them without additional racking allowed us to maximise our warehouse space and we can fold the units down to save space when not in use.”

The collapsibility of Palletower’s hypacages are one of their key features and 4.1 folded ratio not only reduces space within a warehouse but also for transportation. Carl Bradley, Palletower’s Sales Director who recommended the hypacages to Divergent commented, “The hypacage is such a versatile storage unit, its key features of strength, collapsibility, and the ease with which it can be used are the reason why it is used in so many applications and industries.”

“Divergent have already placed a repeat order and it’s great to see the Fitz wine becoming a success. We are pleased to have helped them solve their storage and production problems and look forward to their continued success”

Palletower’s extensive stock range of hypacages and stillages are available for both purchase and rent.

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