CREATE A CABIN provide bespoke, DIY modular buildings, making warehouse reconfiguration simple. Working to your specific requirements, we supply an insulated, kit form building that can be used for offices, welfare rooms, storage and more. We understand that every project is different and adapt our buildings to your changing needs. Each client chooses their own design allowing us to work to their constraints and giving them the flexibility of a bespoke build. We are continually learning, developing and improving our product to give our clients more opportunity for expansion.

With a background in manufacturing and design, we have been instrumental in launching multiple ways to use your existing buildings to your advantage. The selfsupporting buildings are delivered within 4 weeks of order. Self assembly is easy with clear instructions and telephone support, and can take as little as a day to construct. We also offer a Construction Assistance option, providing one member of our team to project manage yours, to ensure a swift build. Power, plumbing and flooring are all connected afterwards with your local contractors.

Made from polyurethane with a galvanised steel shell, the 1m high horizontal prepainted panels are stacked on top of each other with an overhang ensuring the panels are washable and food grade compliant. All joints are edged with a PVC corner piece to keep the buildings clean and vermin free.

These flexible, technically sophisticated buildings offer the chance for a new direction. The possibilities they offer are limitless and hugely rewarding for limited outlay. Ranging in size from 20m² – 120m², prices compare favourably with other ready-made structures.

Our buildings are not a necessity, but with their technical design and agreeably low price tags are a milestone in DIY construction. We have a name our customers value and they trust us to deliver a quality build.

Recent projects range from warehouse offices, storage, food production rooms, temporary accommodation, changing rooms and a tennis club house.


Tel: 01227 389895

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