The Training award goes to either an individual or company that has demonstrated a significant level of personal or team development.


Founded in 1990, ILG has grown to become a market leader in outsourced fulfillment, warehousing and logistic services. The company employs some 220 people across eight facilities and is currently recruiting for around five new roles per month.

Underpinning the company’s success is a focus on the continuous training and development of its workforce and a programme is in place for employees across the business – from school leavers to senior managers – to enhance their skills sets. As part of this broad programme each year the company offers an internal management development scheme designed to enable current employees to gain a professional qualification and fast track their careers. Fully funded by ILG, each employee that has successfully completed the scheme has subsequently moved on to a management position within the company.


Since joining Century, Joshua Denny has benefitted from ‘on the job’ training that has seen him acquire various new skills – all of which are proving hugely beneficial as he progresses within the Century organisation.

Dave Riches, Joshua’s line manager, comments: “Joshua has learnt different aspects of stock control, workload scheduling and warehouse operations. He has proved a quick learner as these are all areas that can take a while to pick up. Joshua’s enthusiasm and commitment is second to none and he has formed an excellent working relationship with his colleagues and is a highly respected member of the team.”


Logistics Learning Alliance has developed Warehouse Manager and Supervisor Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) programmes to meet the specific needs of those involved in warehouse management at any level. The programmes are rapidly becoming established as the recognized industry standard of achievement for warehouse managers in the UK.

One of the first companies to sponsor a member of its staff to complete the programme was Raleigh UK – one of the most famous names in cycling. Raleigh’s John Mawman, who joined the company as warehouse manager in 2015, chose to take the course because he felt that it offered a ‘comprehensive, wide range of subjects’ that would help him to develop his skills and, ultimately, progress within his employer’s business.

John was ‘so impressed’ with the course that he has signed up other members of his team for it to ensure that ‘they’re fully equipped to meet growing demands of their roles within Raleigh.’

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